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24 Mar

E. Coli in Raw Meat May Cause Half-a-Million UTIs in the U.S. Every Year, Study Finds

E. coli from raw poultry and meat is making its way into people through our food supply, causing UTIs and other illnesses, researchers say.

23 Mar

Warming Climate Linked to Rise in Flesh-Eating Bacteria in U.S. Waters

Scientists warn global warming is causing an increase in life-threatening infections from a flesh-eating bacteria found in warm, salty waters.

22 Mar

The Mystery to Beethoven’s Death May Be Over Thanks to Genetic Research

A team of scientists use 5 locks of Beethoven’s hair to uncover his genetic code and reveal clues to the composer’s health and death in 1827.

Gambling: When Does Play Become Addiction?

Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter March 25, 2023

Gambling: When Does Play Become Addiction?

While some gamble socially and others do it for a living, it’s a serious addiction for those who have an uncontrollable urge to keep going at the risk of losing everything.

“In our brain, the centers involved with gambling addiction are the same centers involved with substance addiction," said Dr. Asim Shah, professor and executive vic... Full Page

CBD for Anxiety: Can It Help?

Sue Benzuly, RN HealthDay Reporter March 24, 2023

CBD for Anxiety: Can It Help?

Anxiety disorder can make it hard to navigate life, but lately CBD has been touted as a natural treatment for the nerve-wracking condition.

You can buy CBD almost anywhere -- gas stations, spas, farmers markets and grocery stores. It comes in many forms -- from gummies to tablets to tinctures to lozenges and patches.

But is CBD good... Full Page

The Most Common Anxiety Medications, Explained

Sue Benzuly, RN HealthDay Reporter March 24, 2023

The Most Common Anxiety Medications, Explained

Endless worry, irritability and insomnia are all symptoms of a possible anxiety disorder.

Luckily, there are numerous anxiety medications that can help ease the condition.

Joy Alonzo, a specialist in the pharmacotherapy of mental disorders at Texas A&M's College of Pharmacy, said recently, “If you understand the different types of ... Full Page

Caregiving for Someone After a Stroke

Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter March 24, 2023

Caregiving for Someone After a Stroke

When a loved one suffers a stroke, it can be a relief that they survived and are getting good care.

But recovery can take time for the patient.

Making sure they get the care they need can be a challenge for the spouse, grown child or other loved one who is providing that care at home.

Fortunately, resources exist to help you t... Full Page

Parts of Intestinal Scope Devices Can Break Off Inside Patients

Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter March 24, 2023

Parts of Intestinal Scope Devices Can Break Off Inside Patients

A medical device used to diagnose and treat pancreatic and bile duct disease is getting attention from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after pieces have fallen off and remained in patients’ bodies.

Previously, the FDA had expressed concern about duodenoscopes because they can be difficult to clean and may spread bacteria such as Full Page

E. Coli From Meat May Be Causing Many UTIs

Amy Norton HealthDay Reporter March 24, 2023

E. Coli From Meat May Be Causing Many UTIs

E. coli bacteria are an infamous cause of food poisoning, but a new study suggests those same microbes lurking in meat may be behind nearly half a million cases of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

UTIs are very common, affecting more than half of all women at least once in their lives. And the vast majority of those infections are caused b... Full Page

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